Thursday, July 07, 2005

Don't let terror stop our fight against poverty

The attacks in London today are horrible. The people who undertake these attacks are blood-seeking murders. I believe they planned this to coincide with the G8 meeting. It is clear that we will not stop terrorism by surveillance alone. We have to combat the root CAUSES of terrorism.

What brought millions of people to follow Hitler? What brought the start of WWI? What brings violence around the world? When people are poor and have no hope, they will listen to anyone who gives them hope. Al Queda takes advantage of this and recruits people who have no hope in life. Thus, Al Queda sees a G8 summit that is designed to fight poverty as a threat to its recruiting base.

Let's not let Al Queda win. Let's keep on track to devote 1% of our annual income to fighting poverty around the world. While the deaths of 37 people today is horrible, let's not also forget the thousands of children that die each day from lack of food, water, and medicine.