Sunday, July 09, 2006

Interns.... Don't be Ants

I can tell already that internship is going to be a bit tough. It's mainly the hours and the increase in responsibility I have for my patients. I was talking to my fellow interns and a lot of us are going through the same struggles in first weeks. Are we really helping our patients? Do we look stupid? Why can't I figure out how to prescribe GasX? The little things can really get you down and wondering.... what the hell am I doing?

I had a chance to see Dave Matthews Band at Fenway park on Friday night. It was a great show in a historic place. His closer was Ants Marching. As he sang, "Take these chances. Place them in a box until a quiter time. Lights down, you up and die," I thought of one of the babies I delivered this week. A first mom, with a new beautiful baby boy. As we put her new baby into her arms, she was crying out of happiness. It was such a great moment with so much joy going around the room.

It's times like these we have cherish during residency. Or else we will just be Ants Marching.... "always doing the same thing."

P.S. There is no reason to shout "Yankees Suck" at a Dave Concert. It's just dumb. I'm a huge Cornell Hockey Fan and love shouting Harvard Sucks, but I wouldn't do it if Dave came and played in historic Lynah Rink. I was trying to like the Red Sox, but it's so hard. Life is not a continuous baseball game.