Saturday, June 14, 2008

The King of Questions

I named this blog "Question Everything", as I believe asking questions is one of our primary responsibilities as citizens and humans. Asking the proper questions of our leaders allows us to unearth their intentions and discover their values. Asking the right questions can lead to advocacy and improvements in our systems. Without the questions our society stagnates and does not progress.

There was no better questioner than Tim Russert. I watched Meet The Press as much as I could. I often planned my Sunday around it, but would skip it if Russert was not on that week. Russert was a true journalist, as he was impartial, tough, smart, and did his research. There is no one who could get to the bottom of an issue like he could. There is no journalist that did more to bring honesty to politics.

I do not know how we will navigate through difficult political issues without him. As a fan of good questions, I do not know how I will find another role model. Mr. Russert, King of Questions, I will miss you.