Sunday, February 27, 2005

My Movie of the Year

My Movie of the Year: The Motorcycle Diaries
The Motorcycle Diaries

This movie struck me deep. I went into it not really knowing who Che was in history. To me the movie resonated with me, being about a medical student who wanted to get out, travel the world and help people. It was a process of self discovery that almost inspired me to take a break from medical school and travel around the world. So much can be learned from traveling and seeing how other people live. This trip clearly influenced Che.

But, beyond my personal interest in the movie, it was fabulous. Of course the cinematography and acting was great. But the screenplay and story really showed the reasons behind Che's later political attitudes. The movie did a marvelous job of showing how the experiences on this trip influence Che deeply. But, it did it so subtly, without even directly relating to later politics.

It was also a movie that should inspire all of us to help the less fortunate.

"Let the world change you... and you can change the world."

Sunday, February 13, 2005

2 Democratic Victories

Victory #1: The Iraqi People having a Democratic Election
Yes this is good. However, it probably should not have happened with American military force. The Bush administration led America into this war based on WMDs. Suddenly there is a flip-flop. He realized his reason for going to war was totally false, so he is trying to put a positive spin on things by saying the intention of the war was to spread democracy.
I found out this morning that I have some agreement with Pat Buchanan. He states that the US cannot forcefully spread democracy to every country in the world. This is true. If Bush and his dummies believe this, our country will be at never ending war. Invading other countries is the best advirtisement for creating new terrorists.

Victory #2: Howard Dean, MD elected to chair of democratic party.
I believe this is a big victory for the democrats. Everyone is fearful that he is too much of a liberal to win over the country. First, he doesn't have to take over the country. He just has to be an organizer, which he does very effectively. Second, he's not that liberal. Look at his views and you'll see he's a fiscal conservative (unlike the current president). Thirdly, he won by getting votes from Southern Democrats, an area where the Dems need to expand.
Dr. Dean will put a spine back in the Democratic Party.