Friday, April 20, 2007

The Food Bill

A new article by Michael Pollan in the NY Times, talks about one of the most important bills in Congress. It is called the "Farm Bill", but affects the food system, the environment, and immigration.
Some select quotes:
On the Current Farm Law: "The result? A food system awash in added sugars (derived from corn) and added fats (derived mainly from soy), as well as dirt-cheap meat and milk (derived from both). By comparison, the farm bill does almost nothing to support farmers growing fresh produce."

"The public-health community has come to recognize it can’t hope to address obesity and diabetes without addressing the farm bill. The environmental community recognizes that as long as we have a farm bill that promotes chemical and feedlot agriculture, clean water will remain a pipe dream. The development community has woken up to the fact that global poverty can’t be fought without confronting the ways the farm bill depresses world crop prices."

"One of these years, the eaters of America are going to demand a place at the table, and we will have the political debate over food policy we need and deserve. This could prove to be that year: the year when the farm bill became a food bill, and the eaters at last had their say."

This is the year. To get BE ACTIVE on this issue check out the Oxfam Farm Bill Website.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Ronald McHummer

Combine Unhealthy Food and Gasoline Guzzling Hummers and destroy the world!
Make your own sign at The Ronald Mc Hummer Site

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