Sunday, June 12, 2005


While I was in Seattle, I had no radio. This meant no National Public Radio (NPR), my primary source of news. NPR gives an unbiased source of news and goes IN DEPTH into important issues.
In Seattle, I relied on TV, with the crappy, flashy, and SUPERFICIAL coverage of NBC, CNN, and MSNBC. (No, I don't watch fox.) Most of the newscasters fail to ask good questions. They simply read off screens that are owned by big media conglomerates, who own all of the media.

There are some good people who ask real questions and go into the issues. Tim Russert on Meet the Press, Chris Matthwes on Hardball, George Stephanopolis on ABC, and Wolf Blitzer on CNN all are decent newscasters.

But CNN, once a respected source of news has been following fox in becoming a flashy, superficial network. They recently have gotten rid of their last notable shows. Inside Politics, with the good news anchor, Judie Woodruff, is going off the air. They are getting rid of the long time politics show, "Capitol Gang" as well as the always fun, Crossfire.

I challenge you all to listen to NPR for a week and hear the difference. Go to to find your local station and awaken your mind.
And finally, for all the best fake news check out the The Daily Show with John Stewart.
Keep informed and Be Active.
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