Thursday, November 03, 2005

Dean and Lakoff

Dean discusses Alito, abortion, Libby and Iraq - Hardball with Chris Matthews - "The position we support is a woman has the right to make -- and a family has the right to make up their own mind about their health care without government interference."

The other night on Hardball, Democratic Chairman Dean was using phrasing from George Lakoff to indicate the party's position on reproductive rights. For those of who don't know Lakoff, check out The Rockridge Institute. The idea is that we have to fram our language in new ways. I am a big fan of this. And I think the language Dean used is great. However, I'm a little scared that it will make the democrats look more politician-like. Eventually, this language will be good for the democrats. But in the short term it can make it look like they don't have a spine. What do you think?
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