Monday, September 17, 2007

Hillary's Health Plan - American's Health Choices Plan

I am not a huge fan of Hillary, but I think she may have a good idea here. The plan basically allows anyone to keep their own health insurance or buy into another. This is a major point for many who have insurance and are scared of a change.

The best part is that it allows you to buy into a government-run plan with no private insurer. This is what those at the Rockridge Institute call a strategic initiative. It allows more and more people to get on a government-run plan (like Medicare). Then we can prove to people that a Medicare-like plan is better than their private plan. Hopefully, this will switch more and more people over to a Medicare-like plan, bringing us on to a path of Medicare for All (single payer).

The plan has parts that I disagree with, such as the funding (tax credits), but I think the general idea is in the right direction.

We have the responsibility as a country to provide all with access to comprehensive medical care.
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