Saturday, October 18, 2008


I just finished watching the epic moving Gandhi. It was my first real history lesson in this saint's life. There are a few morals and values from it that I will always remember:
- Non violence works. Tyrants ultimately fail. The focus should not be WHEN they will fail; rather that they WILL FAIL. An individual's life is only a short part of the history of good and evil in the world. An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. We must not preach revenge.
- Patience is a virtue. I often try to get things done quickly. (My mother taught me this.) But, true change takes patience. I will strive for more of it.
- True change requires collaboration with all. A great person can be effective. But a great person can have an even greater impact if he collaborates and joins with others.
- Religion can be great, if we realize that no religion is better than another. We are all Hindu, Jews, Buddhist, Muslim, and Christian.
- A free media is probably one of the most important parts of democracy. Any restriction on media should be dealt with in a serious (non-violent) way.
- Humor is a good trait of a great man.
- Hollywood is important because they make great movies.

I vow to try to work all of these into my daily life, in honor of Gandhi.
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