Thursday, October 08, 2009

Coca-Cola sponsoring Family Physician's Organization's Massive Harmful Industry Alliance

I guess McDonald's sponsorship wasn't enough. Now the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP):
"We've made a conscious effort to diversify our sources of revenue," Heim said. "This is the first of what we hope will be many Consumer Alliance agreements. We're looking across a broad spectrum. This is just our initial partnership."

Coca-Cola Grant Launches AAFP Consumer Alliance Program -- AAFP News Now -- American Academy of Family Physicians

"Consumer alliance agreements." What kind of stupid term is that? This an "industry" alliance. How dare you call it a "consumer" alliance?
A few years ago the AAFP partnered with McDonald's on its obesity project. Now Coca Cola. Who's next? Frito Lay? So we can have education program on picking which chips are best for you? Mars? So we can educate you on which candy bars to buy?

The AAFP should take the advice of someone Micheal Pollan posted on his
NY Times website:
"Eat foods in inverse proportion to how much it's lobby spends to push it." -Krik Westphal

Meanwhile, some lawmakers are starting to get it: "I don't think that most parents truly appreciate the role soda pop has in causing weight gain," California State Senator Padilla said.

Calif. lawmaker plans hearings on soda-obesity link

I hope the AAFP changes this direction. Substituting one industry (Big Pharma) for another (Big Food) will not help our patients. How many mistakes does it take? First med organizations partnered with the smoking industry. Then (and now) pharmaceutical industries. Now Big food industries. When will we start to reframe what our medication organizations do? How about we start medical organizations that don't rely on industry funding? Join the National Physicians Alliance.

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