Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Health Reform (#hcr) by Our Values

Obama is giving great talks and pumping up the crowds on health care reform. Yesterday in Pennsylvania he was introduced by a woman who had diabetes, whose insurance company kept raising her rates. Obama continued with this theme, talking about PEOPLE, INSURANCE COMPANY DENIALS, AND WHY WE BELIEVE EVERYONE SHOULD BE INSURED.

That's why I was surprised by the new White House website: Health Reform by the Numbers: 1,115 | The White House. They are devoting a website to focus on the numbers of health care: how much insurance cost, how many people we will drop. This is exactly the WRONG strategy. As I've posted before, people do not respond to numbers. They respond to value arguments. We need to keep talking about the Americans who cannot receive care in our current system, and why we believe they should.

Values win over numbers. Thank you again, George Lakoff.
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