Saturday, September 11, 2010

Abigail Disney: Taxes Make Our Country Great

In this linked story, the granddaughter of Roy Disney, states why she thinks the estate tax is important.
Showdown Over Bush Cuts Revives Estate Tax Fight : NPR

Taxes are not a penalty for working hard. They are a contribution to building a stronger America. From the Story:

"Disney, a filmmaker and philanthropist, spent a lot of time shooting a film in Liberia. [Abigail Disney] says there, unlike the United States, there are no safe roads or schools and therefore no safe investments. And she says those who make money in a secure society like the U.S. also owe the society a debt.

She joined a group of wealthy individuals called United for a Fair Economy in part, she says, because she felt wealth is fundamentally unfair.

Warren Buffett and Robert Rubin are also members of United for a Fair Economy.

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