Thursday, November 17, 2011

Do Kids Need 3-4 servings of Milk a Day?

Many of you know that I have long said that the benefits of milk were overstated. The article below does a good job of reviewing the evidence why:

Wisconsin milk board overstates dairy’s benefits to children, some experts say |

The key statements are this:

“The so-called calcium requirement in the United States is based on very short-term studies (that are) irrelevant to long-term calcium needs,”
-Dr. Walter Willett, who chairs the nutrition department at the Harvard School of Public Health

“We know that those individuals who avoid milk and animal products that contain calcium do just fine in terms of their growth, their development, and their bone health,” - Jennifer Nelson, director of clinical dietetics at the Mayo Clinic

“I wonder how the marketing board explains why the highest rates of osteoporosis are found in countries that drink the most milk, or how cows manage to make huge bones that support their weight while eating mostly grass?”- Marion Nestle, Chair of Nutrition at NYU

“It’s hard not to be sarcastic about this kind of marketing,” Nestle added. “Milk is a fine food if you like it, but it is not an essential nutrient.”

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